Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Farmers' Markets

Ahhh, it's that time of year again! Spring has coined a new term for our farmers' and ourselves, it means we have to SPRING into action.

That's a good thing right? For the most part it is (minus all of the work), the great part is that everyone is getting outside and planting! It is also awesome because our Farmers' Markets are starting to open.

Troy, NC Farmers' Market is already opened and has a great assortment of goodies, the market is open Thursday's 3-6pm at 417 N. Main St. The market boasts a variety of LOCAL vendors who provide meats, baked & canned goods, plants, fresh eggs, handmade crafts, and much more!

Here are some of the current farms and what they provide:

Whipowill Hill Farm-Montgomery County: Pastured PORK and POULTRY (will have fresh poultry soon!) and some produce (salad mixes and spinach for now!)

Uwharrie Heirloom- Montgomery County: Provides HEIRLOOM variety plants (flowers, herbs, and plants for your vegetable gardens!)

Fox Squirrel Farm- Moore County: Provide fresh PRODUCE, right now they are bringing spinach, salad mixes, bok choy, radishes, and more!

Dezern Farm- Randolph County: Canned & BAKED goodies as well as a variety of plants in decorative planters for your home garden!

Hope Farms- Montgomery County: Every week Hope Farms provides FRESH eggs and handmade cloth rugs!

A Wing and A Prayer Farm- Stanly/Montgomery County: This farm family works in Stanly but has a farm in Montgomery County. They provide a unique assortment of HANDMADE goats milk lotions, lip balm, soap, and even helps to increase the population of a variety of butterflies.

Delicious Creations from McAllister Farms- Montgomery County: Come try what makes the South great! McAllister Farms provides SCRUMPTIOUS baked goods and canned items!

Parson's Farm - Montgomery County: Parson's provides a variety of locally grown produce items, they currently have STRAWBERRIES in season!

Ingold Farm- Randolph County: This Santa Gertrudis farm has delicious GRASS FED beef and will even show you how to cook it!

Walkapaca Farm- Montgomery County: If you are interested in wearing some of the finest fiber in the world, Walkapaca can help you! They provide an assortment of Alpaca fiber clothing, the farm also provides fresh poultry EGGS!

Be sure to check the market out! The markets' are gearing up for an eventful season and each week something new is showing up!

If you are a locavore (people who like buying LOCAL) join our 10% Campaign if you are interested in whats available there is also a great Seasonality Chart which provides whats in season, and even the availability of NC Seafood!